Sessions: Lessons From 2023

It’s the last session episode of 2023, and what a ride this year has been!

We are in a massive world transition, and many of the lessons I have learned this year have been how to balance taking care of myself while helping care for those around me.

Before deep diving into these lessons, I start this episode of The Soul Frequency by reflecting on 2023 and what it has taught me. I discuss family, the strength we gain from tragedy, and why we must pace ourselves through our transitions before reflecting on this amazing time of growth.

Thank you for lending your energy to The Soul Frequency and being part of this wonderful space. I am so honored to tune into this high vibey, beautiful community and feel our collective vibration.

We have one more episode before we take some time off for the holidays, so I’ll see you all next week.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:23) Lessons from 2023.
(01:06) Lessons from family.
(02:40) Strength gained from tragedy.
(03:49) Pacing yourself through transformation.
(04:40) A time of growth.
(06:04) Thank you for being here.

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