Sessions: Is Happiness the Meaning of Life?

There is a lot of talk about happiness in our culture, but what is happiness, really? I asked myself this recently and it made me think about my life and at what moments I was particularly happy. I recalled these moments of pure joy, and it made me wonder, are those what happiness is?

So today’s episode of The Soul Frequency is all about happiness, what it is, and if finding it is our purpose here on Earth. In this conversation, I discuss the inspiration behind this episode, what we define happiness as, and how it’s important to experience all colors of life. I then close by discussing the Game of Life and how it feels to exist beyond it.

I hope you find something in today’s episode. I’ll see you here next week.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:23) Inspiration behind today’s episode.
(01:11) What is happiness, really?
(02:52) Is happiness the meaning of life?
(04:13) Games versus happiness.
(06:57) Experiencing all colors of life.
(09:42) Existing beyond the Game of Life.

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