Sessions: I Have Been Crying…A Lot

There have been so many tears. I think I’ve cried more in the last few months than I have ever in my life before. Some tears are from this lifetime, and others are from past lifetimes, but they’re all lessons. So, this episode of The Soul Frequency is all about feeling these feelings and learning from them.

In this conversation, I discuss the physical manifestation of grief from a previous life and how to handle it. I then discuss grief from this life and the roles we play in our loved one’s transitions. Finally, I talk about listening to your instincts and appreciating the life around you.

This life is so intricate and so interesting. It can be brutal at times and so joyous at others. If we can show up for these sacred times, then we really become better for it.

I hope you find something in today’s episode. I’ll see you here next week.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:25) I’ve been crying… a lot.
(01:23) Body manifestations.
(03:28) Grief from a past life.
(08:15) Feeling your feelings.
(10:22) Grief from this life.
(20:02) Our role in other people’s transitions.
(29:52) Listening to your instincts.

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