Sessions: Everything You Need to Know About Pluto in Aquarius

It’s no secret that planetary changes impact our lives. I’m sure we have all felt this at some point in our spiritual journeys. In March and throughout the next few years, Pluto will be dipping its toe between Aquarius and Capricorn, so in today’s episode, I wanted to reflect on this transformative time and what it means for us.

In today’s conversation, I talk through Pluto, its transformational properties, and its relationship with Aquarius. I discuss the transformations I have felt and how you can hone this energy to help yourself transition too. I discuss Pluto’s influence on unity consciousness, social media, and finally, the birth/death cycle we are going through on this Earth.

If you’re interested in hearing more about Pluto’s relationship with Aquarius, then listen to the episode below.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:24) Introduction to today’s episode, Everything You Need to Know About Pluto and Aquarius.
(02:10) Pluto and March.
(06:08) Pluto as a time of transformation.
(10:00) How to make this transformation happen.
(10:53) Unity consciousness transformation.
(14:10) Social media transformation.
(16:02) The birth/death cycle.
(18:50) When Pluto is in Aquarius over the next few years.

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