Self Healing with Tapping | Donna Eden & David Feinstein

Today on The Soul Frequency, we are deep diving into ‘tapping’ with our guests Donna Eden and David Feinstein, who wrote an incredible book on all the benefits and uses of tapping. The book provides practical tips for using tapping for healing, but it also speaks directly to practitioners. So, if you are an energy healer, a psychotherapist, or anything like that who wants to understand what is possible with tapping, then this is the episode for you. But, of course, it’s also very helpful for individuals who want to learn more.

So, I’m super excited to have Donna and David on the show. Donna is the author of Energy Medicine. She has treated over 10,000 individual clients and has taught hundreds of classes to audiences in Europe, the USA, Australia, and South America. She teaches individuals how to identify and work with energies while using this in her own practice to heal others.

David is a clinical psychologist who has served on the faculty of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His books on consciousness and healing have received nine national awards.
In this conversation, we discuss Donna and David’s story and their journey into energy healing through tapping. We then learn about the programs they offer before diving deep into tapping itself. We learn what tapping looks like, how it works, and even how it feels to be the practitioner doing the tapping work. We also learn about body energies, what they look like, and what they can tell us about ourselves.

I hope you enjoy today’s episode and I’ll see you here next week.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:48) Introducing today’s episode.
(01:30) Introducing today’s guest, Donna Eden.
(01:58) Introducing today’s guest, David Feinstein.
(02:30) Donna’s calling into her energy work.
(09:02) David’s journey into energy work.
(11:32) David and Donna’s journey together.
(15:32) Certification program.
(18:29) Energy healing in psychotherapy.
(21:30) Introduction to the tapping method.
(29:58) What body energy looks like.
(36:54) Helping your partner heal.
(42:20) The other side of releasing energy.
(49:25) The accessibility of the book’s content.
(52:09) Where you can find Donna and David.

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