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Today on The Soul Frequency I sat down with artist, author, and motivational speaker, Whitney Freya, to learn more about her book Thirty Days to Unstoppable. Whitney’s online courses teach participants how to use symbols during meditation to unlock their greater potential. Whitney strives to free people from what they feel they “should” and “have to” do, and instead, reconnect them with the present moment. We are all creative beings, and Whitney teaches us a beautiful way to bypass any resistance we have, in order to understand ourselves as infinite. 

In 1996 Whitney opened an art centre, despite having no artistic background. Since then she has been committed to living her most inspired life, while encouraging others to do the same. She has written four books on personal creativity, and is the leader of a community that circles around the fires of inspiration and personal freedom. Whitney teaches that our life experience is determined by what we focus our attention on and where we send our intentions. We can learn to refocus these intentions by turning within, learning what lights us up inside, and knowing what inspires us. 

If you’re interested in hearing more about Whitney, and how you can use symbols to unlock your own creative potential, listen to the episode below. 

What you’ll find inside this episode…

(00:49) Introducing today’s guest, Whitney Freya.
(04:07) Whitney’s awakening, and creative journey.
(10:13) Expanding into the greater creator – you as an energetic being.
(14:45) Overcoming ego-conversations – It’s bigger than you!
(19:04) Thirty Days to Unstoppable.
(25:26) Being supported through higher vibration.
(28:35) How fear can be your ally.
(35:28) Where can you find more about Whitney.

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