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The holidays are here! If that thought stresses you out, let me tell you how I found joy by redefining the holidays.

And I am so grateful for this time of year.  I like to take this day as an opportunity to review all that I am grateful for. Since gratitude is a very high frequency emotion, it is great to spend some quiet time in gratitude for the year that is ending and for what is to come.

Let’s face it, life can throw curve balls and it is easy to be swept up in drama, upset or to focus on things that might not be working, but it is always good to look at what is amazing, inspiring and to acknowledge the simple things that are easy to take for granted.

Here are just a few of the things that made my list today:

—I am grateful to live in a time where we have freedom of choice to live as we choose.
—I am grateful for my family and their love, laughter, and care.
—I am grateful for you – for taking the time to read this and having an open heart.
—I am grateful for the lessons I have learned about life and myself.
—I am grateful for nature, the moon, the stars, grass, and the fresh air in my face

And the list goes on. There were 52 things I was grateful for today.

During this time of year, we experience gratitude, joy, gift giving, celebrations, vacations and more; but there is also some stress, a lot of running around and a full range of emotions.

I am a huge fan of being grateful; and I am equally a huge fan of checking in for change, and taking a look inside to see what needs to be redefined. I took a moment to share a few thoughts this week for redefining the holidays.

Maybe this year is an emotional time and redefining is necessary as the traditions we once held are no longer possible? Maybe we currently celebrate with traditions that no longer feel right to us or maybe we are ready to think outside the box and experience joy in new ways?

Whatever is true for you, redefining the holidays can be a powerful experience that brings new energy into your life!

Listen to The Soul Frequency Show #17

On this episode, I am sharing 3 tips for redefining the holidays, being creative, and digging deep to discover what the holidays mean to you.   My wish for you is that you access your deepest creativity and truth to experience the most joy this holiday season and beyond xoxo.

Wishing you an absolutely incredible holiday season and sending you tons of high vibe energy along with a crazy amount of LOVE!!

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As always, my hope for you is that you love big and live abundantly! xo



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