Reconnect With Yourself By Connie Chapman

Reconnect With Yourself | Connie Chapman

What really matters? You. Yes, you! Learn how to reconnect with yourself.

Life throws so much at us (usually seemingly all at once), and it can leave us disconnected from ourselves and feeling drained. Why does it seem so hard to keep balance? It can be a rollercoaster ride, and sometimes it’s hard to find solid footing! When we lose ourselves, we tend to lose our best answers for a fulfilled and aligned life.


In this episode, my guest Connie Chapman and I have a chat about how to reconnect with yourself in this busy world. Connie is a leader in the Australian life coaching and self-help industry. She’s been featured in Wellbeing, Cleo, Fitness First, Inspired Coach, Aspire, Women’s Health, and Australia Natural Health, along with international podcasts and blogs.

Get reacquainted with yourself today—hit that play button and join me and Connie in our conversation on this episode of The Soul Frequency Show podcast.


In This Podcast Episode We Talk About…

  • Using pen and paper to tap into your inner wisdom
  • Becoming the source of answers for yourself
  • Following your intuition to find everything you need
  • Shifting out of doing into being
  • What happens when you muster the courage and really start tapping in?


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Reconnect to Yourself with Connie Chapman


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