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baked potato chips

Baked Potato Chips Recipe That’s Outta This World

There’s no need to give up chips when baked potato chips is an option. Baked, not fried, is where it’s at. One of the things that I hear from clients time and time again is the tempting, irresistible call of the potato chip. The common...

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healthy chocolate balls

Om Chocolate Chip Bites – Delicious and Energizing

These healthy chocolate balls are to die for, if I do say so myself. Occasionally, we all need a little treat, and these babies are packed with tons of energizing nutrients. Best of all, they’re super simple to make. Four ingredients and a 5-minute prep...

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healthy ranch dressing recipe

Healthy Ranch Dressing Recipe That’s Rockin’

Love ranch dressing, but don’t love all of the calories, processed ingredients and unhealthy fats? Processed, store-bought ranch may be convenient and tasty, but it’s hardly worth the toil it can take on the body, mind, and energetic state. Traditional ranch dressing is full of...

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healthy brownie recipe

Healthy Brownie Recipe For Your Chocolate Fix

A healthy brownie recipe is a true treasure. (After all, the words “healthy” and “brownie” don’t often go together.) Chocolate is a beautiful thing and no one should live without it! That’s my take, at least. These scrumptious brownies will help you get your chocolate fix...

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veggie flatbread recipe

Healthy Flatbread Recipe Made With Vegetables

Finally, a flatbread recipe that is gluten-free, delicious, and is the perfect appetizer for any occasion! As the name suggests, I love to load up this dish with tons of veggies. With this fun recipe, I encourage you to play with your food - you...

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healthy pancakes

Healthy Pancakes With Berries

Your weekends will never be the same once you’ve had a taste of these healthy pancakes. Berry Zen Pancakes are a healthier version of our favorite morning meal; the delicious pancakes that have graced breakfast tables for centuries. Toss some berries on top and it...

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