Real Immunity | Cilla Whatcott

Struggling with energy or health issues? You need some REAL immunity!

That’s exactly what my guest and I discuss in this episode of the Soul Frequency podcast.

Joining me today is Cilla Whatacott, PhD, CCH. She’s the Co-founder of Free and Healthy Children International who is an advocate for homeopathy and homeophrophylaxis. What is homeoprophylaxis? Well, we talk about that, too!

Besides keeping busy as a speaker in France, Ireland, Indonesia, Canada, and throughout the U.S., Cilla has also been published in Pathways, Homeopathic Links, Fearless Parent, GreenMedInfo, Healthy Home Economist, and Wise Traditions. In 2016, she was also given the Activist Award by Weston A Price Foundation for her work with homeoprophylaxis, and is coming out with her second documentary.

Cilla and I both believe in (and work in) frequency healing. You see, it’s not just about healing the physical ailment. It’s about energetically aligning your whole being in health. Our bodies are hardwired to detox and evolve—how can we help it? Cilla and I get into that. We’ll also talk a little bit about how childhood illnesses can actually help spiritual growth. It’s an interesting, energizing perspective on illness, why we get sick, and what it teaches us.

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In this podcast episode:

—How childhood illnesses are important to developmental growth
—What is real immunity?
—Diving into frequency healing
—How does homeopathy actually work?
—What is homeoprophylaxis, and how does it help to prevent diseases?

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