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Danielle Beinstein stepped away from the world of media to work in the field of psychological astrology in 2012. For ten years before that, she spent her waking life in the bustle of New York City entertainment. Even though a part of Danielle enjoyed the media rollercoaster, her spirit called her to get her master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology.

Today, she not only maps out birth charts, but gives people the tools to accept their current incarnation and use it to their highest purpose. She’s been featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and podcasts such as Raw Talk with Sheena and That’s So Retrograde. Before becoming a Psychological Astrologer, Danielle graduated magna cum laude from New York University with a B.A. in humanities in 2003.

In this episode of the Soul Frequency podcast, Danielle and I talk about the blurred line between destiny and free will, how your personality navigates your spirit through this Earth experience, and how to work with what you’ve got — astrologically speaking.

If you’re wondering how to get started with Natal Charts, and what to do with what you find out, Danielle will tell you a little bit about her newest course, Intro to Astrology.

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In this podcast episode:

—Finding new community in a new spiritual body—wherever you go, there you are…
—The meta shift in women towards their sign in Venus (relationships and money)
—What’s it like to have a “grand cross” in your star chart?
—How can you take the information from your natal chart… and actually do something with it?
—Let’s talk Scorpios—their bad rap is undeserved!

Resources for you:

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