Protect The Children | Jan Edwards

I have always felt so connected to the children of our world. A lot of what we do here at The Soul Frequency is about healing our inner child, or working on ways to connect more to our own children, so I am extremely passionate about today’s episode. I can’t think of a more important topic for us to educate ourselves on.

Today on The Soul Frequency Podcast I sat down with the wonderful Jan Edwards, to learn about child trafficking, how it starts, and how to prevent it. Jan is the founder and president of Paving the Way, a foundation dedicated to disrupting the cycle of child trafficking through educational and training programs. Paving the Way has educated over 16,000 youth and adults over the last four years.

Jan is also the writer, co-director and producer of the award winning film, Trapped in the Trade, which is based on a true story of children recruiting other children into sex trafficking. In today’s conversation we discuss Jan’s journey into the amazing work she does, how to approach your children about their online activity and whether they are being groomed, the types of messages predators send, and finally, how your children can help their peers.

The work Jan does is so important and today’s episode is so informative. If you’re interested in hearing more, then listen to the episode below.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:47) Important ceremony information.
(02:50) Introducing today’s episode, Protecting the Children.
(05:18) Introducing today’s guest, Jan Edwards.
(06:57) Jan’s background and how Paving the Way Foundation began.
(12:20) Jan’s advice on how to approach your children about sending inappropriate pictures.
(18:21) Statistics on child grooming and how to report it.
(25:22) The types of messages predators send.
(33:06) How your child can help other children.
(44:22) How to connect with Paving the Way.

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