The Soul Frequency
Book Bundle



  • All of the tools you need to get the most out of The Soul Frequency Book.
  • Enjoy step-by-step weekly guidance on how and when to use all of the tools including recipes, mediation, videos, and the workbook


  • The videos help guide you through the 4 phases of transformation in the book, helping you make the most of the teachings.
  • Meditation to help you internalize the teachings from the book and achieve transformation.
  • The workbook to help you take action and start getting results.

What’s included

The book bundle has multiple assets to support readers as they dive into their own personal transformation.

    • The Soul Frequency book in PDF - Shanna Lee takes you into the inner world of true alchemical transformation
    • Introduction Video - A weekly guide to maximize the book bundle
    • 4 Videos for each of the 4 phases in the book
    • Lighten Your Body Recipe book PDF download - Shanna’s favorite healthy recipes, with nourishing meals to uplift your energy.
    • Raise Your Frequency Morning Meditation MP3 - A guided audio meditation from Shanna Lee to help you get your day started out right!
    • TSF Workbook PDF

With your amazing new book in hand, you are about to discover your own Soul Frequency! On these pages, you will be guided through the Inspired Action questions found within The Soul Frequency book.