The Energetic Shift
Ascension Course


The Energetic Shift Ascension Course is a sacred tool chest of resources to help you shift your energy quickly, create more positive experiences, clear blocks from your life and raise your soul frequency. There are 4 core modules: sound, movement, mind, connection. There are many different lessons and tools you can use under each of the 4 categories.

NOTE: This course does not have to be taken in order. It is meant to be used as a tool chest, to help you with whatever you need at any given moment. Let your intuition guide you to where you want to start. The true intention of this program is to have you listen to your intuition and help you live in your soul’s highest alignment. This program is about freedom - choosing what you love and going with it.


  • Shake off any negative energy quickly and discover more joy in your daily life (and make it a recurring habit!).
  • Be wildly creative (finally, unleash your capacity for expression).
  • Preserve your life force energy (so you can focus only on the things you *want* to be doing).
  • Say YES only when you mean it (yes, we’re finally going to work on your boundaries!).
  • Remove the blocks keeping you from reaching your full potential (so you can activate your visions!).
  • Create a life that is truly in alignment with your soul purpose (it’s magical to watch what happens when you’re in this space).
  • Access more gratitude in your day to day life (a truly powerful, life-changing practice).


  • Videos
  • Guided Practices
  • Intentions + Mantras + Affirmations
  • Healing Music Playlists
  • Demo to Sound Healing Instruments (Bowl, Rattle, Tuning Fork, Drum)
  • Chants (Modern, Love, Healing, Peace, Wealth)
  • Movement Demo (Celebratory, Shadow, Story Telling, Power Circles, Body Discovery, Shaking)


  • The Clarity Journal
  • Repattern Visualization Tool