The Empath-Narcissist
Relationship Course


  • A 5 video series on understanding the dynamics of the empath/narcissist relationship.
  • Discover the connection between your relationships and your soul mission and what dynamics can hold you back from creating the life you came here to live.
  • Identify if you are truly an empath and learn about navigating narcissistic personality traits in relationships.
  • Come away with the 11 traits of a healthy relationship to use as a relationship navigation tool giving you freedom from unhealthy dynamics so you can create wonderful and fulfilling relationships.


  • Understand the dynamics of the empath/narcissist relationship.
  • Learn valuable tools to transform your relationships and feel self-empowered.
  • Redefine love as a source of kindness, freedom, spiritual growth, and profound connection.
  • Establish healthy boundaries and gain tools to attract high vibe relationships.

What’s included

  • Five training videos to transform your relationships
  • How to know if you are an empath
  • Defining narcissistic tendencies
  • The bond between an empath and narcissist
  • Tools to reclaim your energy and stand in your power
  • The 11 pillars of a healthy relationship