Break The Pattern
Audio Library


This audio library is an awesome tool to break old patterns and open up to the next level of your life.
NOTE: This course does not have to be taken in order. Recommendation is to start with whatever audio/title resonates the most in the moment.


  • Break the old patterns that hold you back.
  • Repattern your repetitive thoughts daily to be naturally positive.


  • Quick and powerful audios (about 10 min in length)
  • Suggested practices, ways to use the audio (or listen to your intuition and let yourself guide the process)
  • Each audio starts with the word “I”. Words carry frequency - when we use them in repetition we can start to the energy and frequency within our body.
  • All tracks are set to binaural beats intended to open the chakras - some are set to the frequency of love - anti-anxiety, opening up to peace. When we use repetition and really feel the frequency of the words - along with positive frequencies of sound and music - it is super helpful to open up our subconscious and to help reprogram ourselves.

What’s included

  • Introduction Video
  • Suggested Practices/Ways to Utilize the Tool
  • Guided Audio Meditations/Affirmations