Angel Numbers


This masterclass discusses what angel numbers are, how those numbers show up in everyday life, why they are important to pay attention to as well as some history on how we know about angel numbers.


  • An expert level understanding around angel numbers, confidence in your ability to recognize angel numbers, ability to implement and take action in your life based on what the angels are telling you.
  • The frequency of numbers and the difference between Spirit Codes, Angel Codes, and Divine Codes.
  • How to attune to that frequency (and open the line of communication/see more numbers).
  • Understand Angel Code Sentences (Number Sentences).
    Example, if you are seeing 333, 444, and 555 consistently—how to decipher what that sequence (altogether) means.


  • A masterclass to help you understand and attune to the frequency of numbers.
  • Step-by-step instructions for decoding angel number codes and angel number sentences (a series of angel numbers).
  • Information to help you understand why angel numbers are appearing in your everyday life.
  • Learn how to connect to the frequency of the angel numbers and allow them to enter your life more easily.