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Predictions for 2021 | Shanna Lee

What a whirlwind! What in the world is really going on underneath this pandemic? And where is everything headed?

Society feels like it’s crumbling. Darkness is coming to light. It can feel overwhelming to see past the present moment and have hope for the future. No one is immune to the discomfort of what’s going on right now on an unprecedented scale.

But with all the uncertainty and chaos this year, I want to encourage you…

There’s HUGE upheaval happening to make way for global evolution. It’s confusing and frightening, but you are not alone, and 2020 is happening FOR YOU. You’re being asked to be brave and step up today. I’ve got a special episode for you, and it’s all about what I believe is happening beneath the veil.

What’s going to unfold over the coming months? Let’s talk about the themes unfolding behind the scenes. Listen to this episode to learn more.



What you’ll find inside this conversation…

  • Hierarchy – is it breaking down?
  • The illumination of truth – bigger isn’t always better.
  • Darkness exposed and cognitive dissonance – can we handle the truth?
  • It’s time to starve the power and control systems!
  • Hindsight is the year of 2020…


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predictions for 2021 shanna lee


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