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How often do you hear “No” when asking for something? Do you find yourself saying “No” to try to preserve your precious time or energy?   There is a lot of guidance being given out that we need to say “No” more often; but does it really feel good to be saying “No” all of the time?  Maybe it does sometimes, but the energy of no can be abrupt, unforgiving, and feel not-so-good when you are on the receiving end. Instead of saying no, we are exploring why saying YES holds such power; and how the power of yes can transform your day and maybe even your life.

Gary Quinn, International Best Selling Author and Coach, is the founder of the Touchstone For Life Coaching Certification Program® which trains, transforms and empowers individuals to create fulfilling lives.

He has worked with people from all walks of life including entertainers, athletes, and corporate leaders. Among his many clients are Academy Award winners, Grammy winners, and Olympic Gold medalists. His corporate clients are MSNBC, Mattel Toys, Diesel, and Indigo.   His powerful message is to show people all over the world how to unlock their loving power and find true happiness.

Grab a copy of Gary’s book THE YES FREQUENCY and visit his website .

Listen To The Soul Frequency Show Episode #3

During the show, we talked why the word YES is so powerful and how you can raise your frequency through changing your words and using the power of yes.  Gary shares how he has made shifts towards the positive in his own life and how you can too.  What he shares is simple to do and only takes a few minutes to feel the change.

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As always, my hope for you is that you love big and live abundantly! xo



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