Mary McPherson

“Several months ago I started working with Shana Ekedal on my over all awareness about food, my body and my brain. I work with people’s brains daily and realized that our diet is a missing link in the chain. Food plays a significant roll in our thoughts, health and energy levels. Working with Shana I have learned about how my system processes food and supplements. Subsequently, I have lost weight, my energy levels have gone way up and I am more joyful. It’s not a diet that she has recommended, it’s total awareness about how the choices I make will effect my body, brain and the way I feel. Also exercise is an important component, I don’t need to run a marathon, but just a short walk in the sun has massive health benefits. Diets don’t work because they make you feel a slave to deprivation, Shana’s program works because I am in full control and understand why I want to make the choices to get out and move and eat healthier for life. Her program has helped me see the positive results that will echo in all I do. Thank you Shana, you’re amazing!


June 27, 2016


The Brain/Body Connection