“Throughout my life I have been on many diets or eating programs. I felt like I had tried it all. I am a former figure competitor, I have owned a juice bar and I currently own a yoga studio. I have even studied nutrition. I believe there was nothing I had not learned and yet, I did not have the results that I wanted. When I met with Shana, she said that I would never have to do this again. She said it will such conviction that I believed her. Since working with her, I have released 25 pounds, kept it off and I get so many compliments on my skin that is glowing. I have ore energy than I have probably ever had. I have learned how to take care of myself in a way that is so easy to do. It has now become a lifestyle for me and so many of my friends have not worked with Shana too. It makes it so easy because we all support each other in living healthy lives. Life just keeps getting better. At an age when most people start feeling worse, I am feeling better everyday. After a lifetime of ups and downs with weight, I have finally found a balance with Shana and I am so thankful.”


July 11, 2016


Finding Balance