Arielle Dudley

“By paying more attention to what I was putting IN my body, I felt more love and acceptance FOR my body. Cutting out certain foods dramatically affected my energy level and mood. I certainly felt like I was vibrating at a higher frequency and sharing that high frequency with others. My relationship has improved since going on cleansing and I actually attracted more yoga opportunities in to my life. I also realized what my body actually wants versus what I think it wants to “fit in” to social circumstances. The concepts around perfection and self sabotage really resonated with me and opened my eyes to some habits I wasn’t consciously aware of before. Also, I thought that close friends, family, and my fiance might be weirded out by my different food choices especially going out to eat, but every single one of them was supportive and happy for me throughout the process. Hopefully, I inspired a few of them to do it on their own in the near future. Thank you Shana for guiding us on this short, but impactful journey and giving us great tools to continue that journey and give back to our bodies and souls in loving, nourishing ways. I really enjoyed doing this – and having all the support of this amazing group of women – along the way!”


June 27, 2016


Energy & Mood