NARC.TION.AR.Y | Dr. Tracy Kemble

Similar to a dictionary, today we are going to be talking about NARC.TION.ARY, which defines over 350 terms relating to narcissistic behavior and narcissistic personality disorder.

So, today on The Soul Frequency, I want to welcome the wonderful author of this book, Dr. Tracy Kemble. Tracy is a thought leader, entrepreneur, author, women’s empowerment expert, and survivor of narcissistic abuse. From first-hand experience, she knows how difficult the road to recovery is, and for the past 26 years has committed to helping women heal from narcissistic trauma. She is the founder of the WIN Foundation, which offers programs of recovery for those faced with narcissistic trauma. Her highly acclaimed Reclaiming Me Program has been healing and empowering lives since 1996.

In this conversation, we talk about all the steps of narcissistic abuse. We first learn about Tracy’s experience before she explains the three phases of a narcissistic relationship – honeymoon, degradation, and discard. We then discuss the relationship between narcissists and empaths before closing by talking about Tracy’s wonderful book, NARC.TION.ARY., and the inspiration behind it.

I hope you enjoy today’s episode, and I’ll see you here next week.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:46) Introducing today’s guest, Dr. Tracy Kemble.
(02:43) Tracy’s orientation with narcissism.
(06:42) Phases of narcissism: Honeymoon, Degradation, Discard.
(12:33) Narcissists and empaths.
(21:20) Early relationships and narcissism.
(23:34) Identifying narcissistic abuse.
(34:07) NARC.TION.ARY.
(42:42) Reclaiming Me Program.
(45:40) Where to find Tracy.

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