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We have talked about the topic of money a few times on this show, and the money episodes are some of the most downloaded episodes on the show. This one about money and spirituality is really great!  Raising our frequency around money can be one of the most freeing and beneficial things we can do to expand and up-level our lives.

So many times we hold ourselves back from certain experiences and having what we want because it seems there is always a lack of money; but is this the truth?  We are diving into this and so much more in this podcast episode.

For instance, we just completed The Soul Frequency Experience.  Some amazing women heard the call and said YES to this 5-week deep dive into transforming their lives. All of a sudden they were surrounded by the love and support necessary to make profound changes.  This is how we change our frequency to one that is more resonant, in flow, and full of abundance.

In this podcast episode:

—The truth about money
—Our cultural beliefs around wealth
—How everything we do is spiritual including how we use money
—The one thing you need to do open up to money
—Why speaking and living your truth is important

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As always, my hope for you is that you love big and live abundantly! xo



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