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Today on The Soul Frequency I sat down with medium, author, and CEO of Sarah Renee Inc., Sarah Renee, to learn more about connecting with the other side, and with loved ones who have passed. 

Sarah Renee has been given a gift to bring through messages from loved ones in the afterlife, as well as angels and guides so that others can experience a profound and deeply healing connection with spirit.

As the founder of Sarah Renee Inc. she offers private and group sessions, teaches online classes and guided meditations, as well as one of a kind spiritual advice and mentorship. She is an ordained minister and best-selling author of The Blessings Book, as well as co-author of The Better Business Book Volume 3. 

In this conversation we talk about death and the process of transitioning, so I want to be sensitive to anyone going through a loss or experiencing something similar. You might find a lot of comfort in what we’re saying, but it also may be triggering. So just a little disclaimer before jumping into this episode. I personally found it really powerful and Sarah Renee had beautiful answers to my many questions about the other side. We are all on our own journey, so listen to your heart and decide whether this episode is right for you at this time. 

If you’re interested in hearing more about Sarah’s journey into mediumship, what it is like in our final moments, how we can learn from those who have passed, and how to tap into your own gifts, listen to the episode below.





What you’ll find inside this episode…

  • (00:49) Introducing today’s guest, Sarah Renee. 
  • (3:20) Sarah’s journey to mediumship.
  • (07:54) Learning about death from those who have passed. 
  • (09:54) What it’s like in our final moments. 
  • (13:00) In between worlds – passing from natural causes. 
  • (17:39) How our passed loved ones guide us through the transition.
  • (21:27) Is our passing pre-determined? Divine will versus free will. 
  • (25:27) Bonding through mass loss – pandemics, natural disasters, war. 
  • (29:02) The Veil at birth and at death. 
  • (31:24) Accessing your own gifts…


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