Medical Cannabis by Renee Richetto Grul

Medical Cannabis | Renee Richetto Grul

We are talking about medical cannabis and its benefits for chronic conditions. I believe all natural plants and substances have their place in healing and also should be used properly.  Education is key, and knowing your own body.  I wanted to have this conversation to open our eyes to this powerful alternative treatment.

Whether it is the right choice for you to seek an alternative treatment of this kind or any other, is entirely a personal choice and one to be carefully considered. I do believe that education, openness, and learning is important.  Seeing new perspectives and choosing whether they are right for you or not is so valuable.

Special Guest Renee Richetto Grul

This week I had functional medicine health coach and holistic cannabis practitioner, Renee Richetto Grul on the show.  As a Functional Medicine Health Coach, she helps people achieve their own personal health goals or the health goals their physician sets forth.  This includes education at the molecular level about how Medical Cannabis could also greatly benefit one’s health.  Renee’s own journey of restoring her health through natural means is nothing short of a miracle and she talks about it in this interview.

“Our bodies produce anandamide and 2-ag.  They are found in breast milk and they help babies relax.  Not only do we produce cannabinoids, but also have  two different receptors.  CB1 receptors that are primarily in our brain and along our spine, and we have CB2 receptors. This is probably the most pivotal point, there is a very high concentration in the gut, and they are on every organ surface.  CB2 receptors are throughout your body.  So, basically your body is producing cannabinoids and you have receptors that are cannabinoids. As we get older things can diminish your anandamide and 2-ag production.  They are linking MS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s to an endocannabinoid deficiency.” – Renee Richetto Grul


Love listI have created a list with some of the things that I love!  Products, books, experiences, tools, and websites that I personally use that make my life a little better.  And I am sharing them with YOU!


Renee shares how medical cannabis works in the body, the benefits she has seen with her own health, and why there is fear surrounding the subject!

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To find out more about Renee Richetto Grul and medical cannabis visit this website.

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