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I love conversations that reflect on people’s lives and how they got to be where they are, particularly when it comes to manifesting their dreams. So, in this episode of The Soul Frequency, I sat down with the wonderful Debbie Lynn Grace to look at the skillsets we gain throughout our lives and how we can choose to utilize them in manifesting our future. It is all about taking our pasts and weaving them into how we evolve.

Debbie started her professional career in the direct marketing industry, managing multi-million dollar direct mail campaigns, before going on to become VP of Marketing for a 4.5 billion dollar bank. She left the bank in 1994 to start her own consulting firm. Today, she is a transformational leader, direct marketing and business growth expert, international speaker, author, empath, energy worker, and intuitive.

Debbie is dedicated to her calling of showing spiritually awakened individuals how to activate flow and prosperity in love, manifestation, and authentic power.

In this conversation, we talk about Debbie’s journey into her work and how she found her niche. We discuss our callings and how they drive us before deep diving spirituality and nurturing the powers within. We then close the episode with a conversation on being highly sensitive people and how to own this.

It’s a truly beautiful conversation, and I hope you enjoy it. I’ll see you here next week.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:46) Introducing today’s episode, Manifesting and Marketing.
(02:01) Introducing today’s guest, Debbie Lynn Grace.
(03:04) How Debbie found her niche.
(06:20) Driven by a calling.
(12:00) Debbie’s spiritual turning point.
(20:58) Owning the power inside of you.
(24:44) Highly Sensitive People.
(31:00) Empowered in being highly sensitive.
(32:58) Where you can find Debbie.

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