Managing Mindset During Mega Change | Rodney Flowers

Ask yourself—how am I going to move forward in the face of adversity?

What if you commit to trying again and again and again… or die trying? What kinds of doors do you think would open for you?

My guest today is going to tell you his story…

Confined to a wheelchair after a paralyzing accident during a football game, Rodney was told that he would likely never walk again…

But he didn’t let this stop him. Rodney decided he would one day get out of his wheelchair and walk again.

And he did.

He is an inspiring soul whose light shines through brightly! His name is Rodney Flowers, and he’s the author of the bestselling book Get Up! I Can’t. I Will. I Did. Here’s How.

You can overcome ANY challenge that comes your way. You have the power to face the unexpected in life with confidence.

Listen to this positivity packed conversation with the lovely Rodney Flowers! You’re going to love his warm presence. Click the play button to find out about his journey, how he recovered from a traumatic sports injury, and how you can conquer your own life beautifully and gracefully, face adversity head on, and share your light with the world around you, no matter what.

What you’ll discover inside this episode…

—Get up or die trying—Rodney commits to walking again…
—Getting out of your own way and giving yourself the opportunity to succeed…
—Remove the #1 block in your life: YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR REALITY!
—Emotionally stuck? Here’s some advice from Rodney…

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