Lunar Abundance | Dr. Ezzie Spencer

The Moon’s familiar face changes over 28 days, growing from the silent new into the mesmerizing full and back again. It’s absolutely magic… And for so many reasons! Her phases reflect back light – both the Sun’s and our own…

In this episode, I invited my guest to talk about the Moon, its influence on our spiritual cycles, and how you can connect with the Moon energy to empower the feminine divine in you.

Dr. Ezzie, started off her career as a lawyer – an unlikely candidate for future spiritual helper! But this evolved into a soul calling: women’s safety. Today, she runs, a program that helps women move out of toxic relationships and into their own feminine power and build a vibrant new life after abuse.

She’s given countless talks, and she’s hosted retreats, helping tens of thousands of women around the world heal. Dr. Ezzie is also a published author, and in this episode, she’s going to share all about her beautiful book Lunar Abundance: Cultivating Joy, Peace, and Purpose Using the Phases of the Moon. If you’d like to get your hands on a copy of it (oh, I highly recommend you do!), then visit Amazon and grab your copy!

Click the play button to learn about how you can tune into the Moon – she’s beaming brightly, waiting for you to invite her power into your life!

What you’ll find inside this episode…

—What are the 8 phases of the Moon? And what do they mean for you?
—How you can connect with yin and yang of the Moon, too!
—Lunar influence on emotions and energy
—Healing the wounded feminine within
—How to express our inner needs and manifest them

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