Not Living A Life You Love? Live 100 | Jason Yarusi

We only know how to create a life we love if we have lived a life we didn’t love at one point. Sometimes, we need to experience moments that make us realize our lives need to change. It is our responsibility to make those changes and take steps toward living the life we love. Who better to discuss this with than the electrifying Jason Yarusi?

Jason is the founder of Live100, a revolutionary mentality that empowers individuals to conquer challenges and embrace change with unwavering resilience. Jason created Live100 to help him live the life he loves. He is a private fund manager of over 300 million dollars in commercial real estate, an avid ultra-runner, and, most importantly, a father and husband. By using his personal story, Jason brings his hands-on experience to guide and help his clients.

In this conversation, we learn about Jason’s journey into his work and how to create the life we love. We discuss the best way to create goals, the importance of knowing the finer details of these goals, and what we can learn on our journey to achieve them. We then discuss Jason’s other area of expertise – real estate! Jason uses his story to give us some tips on how to get into this industry. Lastly, we deep dive into Live100 and how we can use it to shift our mentality.

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What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:47) Introducing today’s episode.
(01:40) Introducing today’s guest, Jason Yarusi.
(03:10) How Jason knew he needed to change his life.
(09:37) Shifting points.
(13:08) Putting your goals down in detail.
(20:08) Learning from your journey.
(22:39) How to get into real estate.
(26:01) Stepping stones on your path.
(27:54) Inspiration behind Live100.
(30:33) Live100: What it looks like.
(35:13) Shifting mentality.
(39:32) Where you can find Jason.

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