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Roberta grew up a devout Christian and, in her early fifties, discovered that everything she thought she knew about ‘Christianity’ was wrong! She wrote all about it in her book called Liberating Jesus.

After a crisis of faith, she read the Gospels without the rest of the Bible content and discovered that Jesus said the same things 2,000 years ago that the dead have been communicating with us all along.

If you didn’t catch my last episode with Roberta Grimes called ‘Flying High in Spirit’, stop what you’re doing and go listen to it! It’s all about the thin veil between our frequency and dimension and the afterlife.

I wanted to have Roberta back on the show to talk about her other book Liberating Jesus. In it, she takes a look at the teachings of Jesus beyond the ways that they have been interpreted by religion.

To love more, to trust more, to follow our hearts—that’s what makes up a beautiful journey, and these are all teachings of Jesus…

But there’s more there.

In case you don’t know Roberta, she studied 200 years of communication from the dead, quantum mechanics, and the nature of consciousness. She’s channeled two books from the other side, and she’s been a welcomed guest on hundreds of radio programs!

Listen to this conversation I have with Roberta on this fascinating and enlightening subject—hit that play button!

In this podcast episode:

—Roberta’s light experiences
—What do the dead say about living?
—Is the Christian religion really based on Jesus’ teachings?
—What was Jesus’ philosophy?
—God’s Law of Perfect Love and Eternal Consciousness

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