Soul energy frequency

Hi My Friends!

You’re so awesome! Thank you so much for your friendship and support of the launch of The Soul Frequency: Your Healthy, Awakened and Authentic Life.   I really appreciate you, whether you participate in this launch or not and deeply value the work you are doing in the world in service to your community!

On September 19th, we will be launching this book into the stratosphere with a paperback version, kindle and audible all on the same day – phew!  So, there are many options for your community to get a copy in their “hands”!  We are anticipating the launch to be off the charts but we won’t be able to pull it off without your help.

Your amazing community will be offered four bonuses when they purchase including a copy of the brand new Lighten Your Body: Favorite Recipes Made Healthy many of you are featured in and a 30-minute frequency coaching consultation.  Plus, a 30-minute morning guided meditation and The Soul Frequency companion workbook!

How You Can Help!

September 19th is THE day we are sharing this book with the world and we would greatly appreciate your continued support in the following ways:

  • Give a high-value free gift to your community! A favorite for all – Lighten Your Body: Favorite Recipes Made Healthy – recipe book will help your community Namaste away from junk food and enjoy their favorite foods made with healthy goodness!  Get the “FREE GIFT” copy and recipe book banners below and then hit send!
  • Include The Soul Frequency Book in a newsletter or a solo email to your community. We made it super simple and fast to share – you can access swipe copy, banners and more below or feel free to write a custom love letter about the book.
  • We ♥ an official review! A review on the official book page would be so appreciated! Here’s a short link to the page. Between now and September 19th, we’d love to have as many reviews posted as possible.
  • Invite me to come on your podcast or do a Facebook Live to talk about The Soul Frequency Book and share the four steps outlined in the book to live a healthier and more authentic life.
  • On our official launch date, September 19th, sometime between 7 am PST – 5 pm PST, we invite you to share the official book page com with your friends and followers on whichever social media platforms you enjoy. Say whatever is in your heart about the book and direct your tribe to – Please use hashtag #thesoulfrequency