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“The Soul Frequency” shows you how to find your own inner radiance so that light and joy once again shines out of your eyes. Shanna Lee’s sense of humor, compassion, and extraordinary life experience make you feel she is right there with you filling you with love, inspiration, and hope. This book is a gift for all who read it!” Sandra Ingerman, MA author of “Soul Retrieval” and “Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life”

“Shanna is an ancient soul filled with sage wisdom, eternal love and shares one of the missing keys to experiencing an abundant life in her book, The Soul Frequency. I cannot think of a more important read to help people understand why their frequency is important and practical tips to unlocking the creative genius that each of us has to create the life that we are destined for!” Dr. Eric Zielinski, Best-Selling Author of The Healing Power of Essential Oils

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The Soul Frequency — Your Healthy, Awakened and
Authentic Life

By Shanna Lee

Enter the unseen world of energy and emotion, which is the birthplace of every physical manifestation in your body and life.  With a whole lot of powerful insights and a little bit of humor, I am going to show you how to align your energy to manifest…

Any darn thing your little heart desires. 

This is an energetic wake-up call for those who:

  • Are craving more authenticity
  • Want to release negative patterns
  • Feel great in their bodies, and
  • Live a truly healthy and awakened life.

It is for women who are coming to realize that happiness is an inside job and chasing external cures for inner disconnection is so yesterday.

You will gain the confidence, clarity, and courage to reconnect with your very own soul frequency, making every dimension of your life healthier, lighter and more fulfilling. 

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Lighten Your Body: Favorite Recipes Made Healthy

These quick and healthy recipes are energy giving foods that will lighten your body and help illuminate your life.  Gain more energy, elevate your moods and enjoy every tasty bite.  Change your food, change your life!

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 A 30-Minute Frequency Coaching Consultation 

A unique opportunity to experience the power of Frequency Coaching and how it can transform your body and your life by helping you to raise your frequency and create a life based on intuition and alignment!

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Raise Your Frequency:  30-Minute Morning Meditation

A four-step guided meditation to release fear, find peace, be open to new experiences, and tap into your own powerful energy.  THE morning ritual for more confidence, clarity and self-empowerment!

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The Soul Frequency:  Your Healthy, Awakened and Authentic Life Workbook

This companion workbook gives you the space to explore the questions and apply the information from The Soul Frequency Book.   Consider this your planning guidebook for next-level living!

Through her platform at TheSoulFrequency.com, Shanna Lee teaches women how to live powerfully and authentically, how to feel great in their bodies, confident with who they are, and to connect with their purpose. By locating their deepest truths and raising their energy frequency her clients create fulfilling lives founded on alignment and intuition. She is the host of The Soul Frequency Show podcast and is the author of The Soul Frequency: Your Healthy, Awakened and Authentic Life.

Shanna’s gift of intuitive insight is unparalleled. Her by referral only B2B brand has been a well-kept secret where she has coached and consulted for over 300 individuals one-on-one in the areas of personal performance, business development and creative endeavors, including executives of Fortune 500 companies, notable Broadway stars and small business owners. It is her greatest intention, to help others tap into their intuition and create a successful life and business on their terms.