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There are so many ways to know thyself, and we are going to dive into these ways this year on the show.  The coolest part about the journey inwards is that we resonate with different tools, learning, and practices at different times.

I remember when I first had my astrological chart read by a true master. It was an extremely powerful experience.  The knowledge gained about my path on that one reading, I still think about today.

There are so many different ways to explore who we are and my guidance is always to feel what calls to you. What resonates? It is not so much about trying everything at the same time, in fact, that can get quite overwhelming. When we get overwhelmed we tend to stop or shut down.  So, go at your own pace, seek out your own path base on how you feel in your body.  What is speaking to you?  Start there and always listen within for what resonates as truth to you.

I have learned over the years of exploration that my personal truth resides within me, in my body; and if I listen, I can trust its wisdom on what the next best steps are for me.

In this episode, I asked my guest to share insights on two different modalities we can use to know thyself better.  Did you know you can do a reading with a deck of playing cards?  Well, you can you are going to hear some fascinating facts about what we can gather from spades, clubs, diamonds, and hearts in this episode.

We also started to talk briefly about a system of self-knowledge called Human Design.  It would take over two hours to get an entire Human Design reading, so this is just the tip of the iceberg.  To check out what a Human Design chart looks like, see the picture below. We will be talking more about Human Design next month as well.

In this podcast episode:

—The benefits of knowing thyself better
—What information you can gather about yourself from a deck of playing cards
—What is conditioning?
—A few nuggets about Human Design (more on this soon!)
—What does an open center mean in Human Design?

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As always, my hope for you is that you love big and live abundantly! xo



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