Is Artificial Intelligence Creative? | Iain S. Thomas

There is a lot of mystery around artificial intelligence. The average person probably only knows about it from movies, where artificial intelligence is promoted as some negative oblivion. It has always sparked my interest, so who better to deep-dive this with than the wonderful Iain S. Thomas. Iain is one of the world’s most popular poets and is the best-selling creator and author of numerous books, including ‘I Wrote This For You,’ an experimental and pioneering prose and photography project. He has spoken at panels and conferences all over the world, but Iain’s newest book, ‘What Makes Us Human: An Artificial Intelligence Answers Life’s Biggest Questions’ is the focus of today’s episode.

In this conversation, we talk about Iain’s work with artificial intelligence and what this looks like on a day-to-day basis. We also chat about the creative side of artificial intelligence and whether or not it is sentient. We then discuss the fear around artificial intelligence before Iain offers some resources to learn more about it.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the creative side of artificial intelligence, then listen to the episode below.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:47) Introducing today’s episode, Is Artificial Intelligence Creative?
(02:58) Introducing today’s guest, Iain S. Thomas.
(03:46) Iain’s work with artificial intelligence.
(09:11) Creative artificial intelligence.
(12:11) Writing a book with artificial intelligence.
(21:16) Is artificial intelligence sentient?
(25:09) The fear around artificial intelligence.
(30:24) Resources to learn more about artificial intelligence.
(38:57) Where you can find Iain.

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