Invisible Illness | Harper Spero

This episode is all about the power of what we can’t see…Invisible illness.

Someone you may encounter at the grocery store may look well on the outside but may struggle with infertility. Your neighbor across the street may have been recently diagnosed with cancer, but hasn’t started treatment yet… and hasn’t started talking about it.

Harper Spero was diagnosed with a rare immune disorder as a child. She struggled with the shame she felt because of eczema on her arms, and she wanted to remain invisible. She didn’t talk want to talk about her illness. In fact, no one around her brought it up around her either.

Years after her diagnosis, she finally realized it was time to share. It was getting a golf ball-sized cyst in her right lung removed that catalyzed her transformation. Today, she advocates for invisible illness.

Harper is the host of Made Visible, a podcast all about just that. Through this podcast, Harper has created an avenue for sharing stories of patients, caregivers, friends, and family members, as well as of practitioners, healers, and doctors.

She spent ten years leveraging brands through marketing, public relations, and event production, then felt the call to become an entrepreneur. Her past clients include Johnson & Johnson, Disney, and Ann Taylor, as well as nonprofits like the David Lynch Foundation, Lower Eastside Girls Club, Team Rubicon, Headstrong Project, and Bent on Learning.

Harper is a business coach and consultant. She launched her business in 2014, helping clients discover their paths to professional success while supporting them in integrating fulfilling lifestyle changes.

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In this podcast episode:

—The power of what we can’t see
—How to talk to someone with an invisible illness
—Dealing with the shame that comes along with experiencing hidden disease
—Breaking free from invisibility!
—Giving a voice to silent suffering

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