Intuitive Doctor by Dr Veronica Anderson

Intuitive Doctor | Dr Veronica Anderson

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your doctor see behind the scenes into what is really going to heal you?  Maybe you don’t need a whole battery of tests; maybe it is just one? A trained intuitive doctor can help you figure it out quicker.

Special Guest Dr Veronica Anderson

After getting a degree from Princeton University, Dr Veronica became an Ophthalmologist and Glaucoma specialist as well as the owner of Eye Associates of Central New Jersey for over 10 years.

After launching her own successful practice with over 11,000 patients, people continuously entered her office and told her that doctor after doctor had not been able to truly help them. They were merely masking symptoms.

She realized that her medical intuitive skills had a major role in the health of her patients. When she integrated those skills patients constantly reported that symptoms were subsiding and they were feeling better – and staying that way.

Dr Veronica Anderson is able to use her well-developed senses of clairvoyance and claircognizance to understand the source of a patient’s physical symptoms. By focusing on specific strategies and solutions for a specific patient, she is able to put them on a path to wellness and healing.

“Let your doctor do what they are good at.  What you have to do, though, is that once you realize they are not taking care of everything you need taken care of, bring in other people. Stop getting mad at doctors for doing what they were taught to do. Doctors are giving people what they ask for. You have to realize the limitation of the care that insurance pays for.  Once you start looking outside of that you will find doctors who have other levels of expertise. They may have Western expertise, but they will also have other levels of expertise. The doctors that are outside of the traditional are generally getting the results today.”  – Dr. Veronica Anderson


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Dr. Veronica Anderson shares why you need a wellness team, the truth about investing in your health, and why energy work is an important part of your health!

Last episode Ashley Wood shared what the Akashic Records are, why asking questions creates a healthy boundary, and what the take aways can be from an Akashic Records reading!

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To find out more about Dr Veronica Anderson, an intuitive doctor, visit this website.

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