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Inspired Evolution | Amrit Sandhu

What do you value in life? And how do you make choices in life based on those values?

The conversation in today’s episode attempts to answer questions like these.

When we find ourselves feeling uneasy or confused about our lives, we’ve made some choices that don’t line up with our authentic selves or those things that we value.

My guest today shares a simple way to understand our values and make choices based on them – and we need that more than ever in today’s evolving climate!

Amrit Sandhu is the founder of Inspired Evolution and a teacher certified by Eckhart Tolle’s School of Awakening. He is so full of joy and shares that joy through talks and keynote presentations all over the world.

The conversation we have in this episode unfolds so beautifully, and there’s some high-vibe wisdom inside! Let’s make choices that bring us to our highest, loveliest, most fulfilled selves… Hit the play button to learn more!



What you’ll find inside this conversation…

  • Growing up working in the family restaurant (and all the lessons learned)…
  • A simple way to understand your own values…
  • What is the cost of not honoring your soul’s expression? Higher than you expect!
  • The opposite of expression is depression…
  • Shifting into alignment – know yourself and what’s important to you!


More resources for your high-vibe life…

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