Inclusion, Empathy And Racial Equity By Rachel Rosen

Inclusion, Empathy and Racial Equity | Rachel Rosen

Ever had someone offend you or treat you like an outsider? Rachel’s mission is to start a global conversation about inclusion, empathy, and racial equity.

Sometimes feeling like an outsider could be from an intentional action made by another. Other times we are made to feel this way unintentionally, but by virtue of the blind spots of another. As human beings, we literally can’t see ourselves fully and don’t always realize that our actions may be making others feel uncomfortable or even causing them to be offended.

This week, seasoned facilitator, executive coach, consultant, and racial justice and LGBTQ activist, Rachel Rosen joined me on the show. She founded S.P.A.R.K. Leadership and S.P.A.R.K. Community to fulfill her mission to start a global conversation about inclusion, empathy, and racial equity. With a Masters from Stanford, and extensive training in leadership, coaching, team and organizational development, S.P.A.R.K. experiences are grounded in theory and practice. They support leaders and teams to unleash their potential to facilitate powerful experiences, collaborate, and build trust – all in service of building a better tomorrow.

“We’re wired and we all have unconscious biases, given what our upbringing was; and so if we haven’t had exposure to a lot of diversity, or different perspectives, or uncomfortable conversation then we don’t have that muscle. So therefore, we have blind spots. So, I really lean in to this conversation.” – Rachel Rosen

In this podcast episode…

Rachel shares how we can start powerful conversations, how communities can wake up to the layers of their biases, and the one common denominator that we all share and can use to connect!

Last week we talked about the self-empowerment with Niki Gratrix. This was an important conversation about going back to our roots to find out where empowerment comes from! I loved what she shared about the latest research on parental attachment. What did you take away from Niki’s episode? Check out last week’s episode to find out more!

If you haven’t had the chance to download the guided meditation that I have been talking about in the last few episodes, grab it now!

Also, don’t forget to listen to the end of the episode for this week’s new take action item!

To find out more about Rachel Rosen visit her website.

inclusion, empathy and racial equity - Rachel Rosen - The Soul Frequency Show

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