Improvisation For The Spirit By Katie Goodman

Improvisation For The Spirit | Katie Goodman

What does improvisation have to do with fulfilling your highest spiritual purpose in life?

When you’re improvising, you’re present in the moment.

In this episode, award-winning comedian Katie Goodman chats with me about being the joy and fun wherever you go. We talk about the qualities of improvisational comedy and how you can apply them to bring more delight into your daily life.


Along with performing on the stage, Katie is an author and speaker. You can see her on Showtime, Current TV, and truTV. She’s toured internationally for over 12 years, has over 3 million views online, and has taught over 10,000 people about bringing the tools of improvisational comedy into their work and everyday life. Katie also writes for O, the Oprah magazine, and is the author of Improvisation for the Spirit: Living a More Creative, Spontaneous, and Courageous Life Using the Tools of Improv Comedy.

Join Katie and me in this episode of The Soul Frequency podcast—click that play button!


What Katie Goodman And I Discuss In This Podcast Episode…

  • The 8 main tools of improv
  • Gagging your inner critic
  • How improv comedy can bring a lot of spirit, too!
  • Being the joy wherever you go
  • Joy and fun = highest spiritual purpose in life


Resources for you:

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Improvisation for Spirit with Katie Goodman


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