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Throughout life, we will have many teachers that cross our path. Some that will make us feel like we are unstoppable and others that will push our buttons. But our life’s teachers are not only the people that cross our path; they are the things we experience. Today, we are talking all about illness as a teacher.

Receiving a diagnosis or having a loved one receive one is often shocking and changes everything on a dime. We usually feel upset, sad, afraid, and even angry with great uncertainty about the road ahead.

“The more I research cancer the less I actually think about the word cancer and I am trying to take it back to figure out how the body is supposed to function, the mind is supposed to function, and the energy flow is supposed to function, and how we can correct the imbalance or remove the blockage.” – Ryan Sternagel, Founder of

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This week, I had Ryan and Teddy Sternagel, founders of, on the show to share their incredible story of courage and commitment to healing and following their own intuition. When their young son Ryder was diagnosed with cancer their lives changed overnight and they dove head first into educating themselves on how to reverse cancer.

They have a hub for parents of kids with cancer to get information, coaching, and support on alternative practices, nutrition and so much more. They share the most incredible seeds of wisdom that are applicable not only to families fighting cancer but to everyone.


We are now deep into the holiday season and while we are enjoying all of the fun and celebration this is a great time to plant the seeds for 2018 in the form of your intentions and what you would like to create in the 12 months ahead.

Imagine it is December 2018.

If you are looking back on the past year, what has happened in your life? Where have you grown? What are your wins? Before anything can manifest, we must be able to see it as possible and believe it can happen. This starts with picturing yourself already living the reality that you want to create. So put yourself inside your own movie envisioning your greatest intentions happening.

Also, don’t forget to listen to the end of the episode for this week’s new take action item!

Find out more about Ryan and Teddy Sternagel at My Kid Cures Cancer.

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As always, my hope for you is that you love big and live abundantly! xo



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