How to Raise the Vibration of Your Food | Whitney Aronoff

Today’s episode of The Soul Frequency is near and dear to my heart, as my spiritual awakening started with a food awakening. I was looking for ways to transform my relationship with food, and all these years later, I am so much more aware of the energy and vibration of the things we put in our bodies.

So, of course, who better to learn from than Holistic Personal Chef Whitney Aronoff. Whitney is passionate about wellness and helping others live their best life through high-vibrational food. She is the founder of Starseed Kitchen spice blends and host of the High Vibrational Living Podcast.

This conversation is all about the best ways to nourish and honor your body through food. We start by learning about Whitney’s culinary journey before looking specifically at cooking and how to make high-frequency choices when eating and preparing food. We discuss how simple nourishment can be, the value of eating seasonally, how to get out of foot ruts, and the difference between high and low-vibrational foods.

If you’re looking for better ways to nourish your body, then listen to the episode below.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:47) Introducing today’s episode, How to Raise the Vibration of Your Food.
(02:30) Introducing today’s guest, Whitney Aronoff.
(03:57) Whitney’s journey to becoming a chef.
(07:31) Sustainable foods – food lessons for life.
(12:47) Whitney’s culinary school journey.
(14:21) Nourishment can be simple.
(17:19) The energy that we transfer into food.
(20:54) Eating seasonally.
(24:11) Getting out of a foot rut.
(27:12) Life as a personal chef.
(30:42) High and low vibration foods.
(34:24) Whitney’s spice mixes compared to store-bought.
(42:37) Where you can find Whitney.

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