How Do I Cause Myself To Suffer? | Caverly Morgan

How do we cause ourselves to suffer? Today’s episode of The Soul Frequency is all about letting go of some of the pain we cause ourselves. My guest today, the lovely Caverly Morgan, is a meditation teacher, non-profit leader, visionary, and the founder of the Presence Collective, which is dedicated to enlightening personal transformation and collective awakening. She is also the founder of Peace in Schools, the first-ever four-credit mindfulness class in public high schools. She is the author of the wonderful book, The Heart of Who We Are, which is the focus of today’s episode.

This conversation is all about our personal and collective journeys. We discuss how to return to our heart and soul, who we are in the world, and how to connect with ourselves and therefore others.

We discuss how Caverly discovered her life’s meaning, the difficulties we face when discovering our spiritual practices, how to unveil our wants and desires, and finally, how to let go of the false identities we give ourselves, ones like I am unworthy of love.

This is a truly beautiful conversation that hit me in many different ways, and I hope you find it just as meaningful. I’ll see you all here next week.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:46) Introducing today’s guest, Caverly Morgan.
(06:22) Discovering a meaningful life.
(13:06) How do we cause ourselves to suffer?
(16:17) Spiritual practice and unveiling our wants and desires.
(23:06) Letting go of our false identities.
(35:48) Peace in Schools.
(46:13) What is freedom?

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