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Here it is…it’s April! We made it through March.  hat a wild month of growth and expansion. Last February, I launched a deep dive program, The Soul Frequency Experience with the intention of taking people into the multidimensional four-step process in The Soul Frequency book.  What happened in this sacred circle was powerful. We met for five Saturday’s live through Zoom video chat and on the first week, we dove into Energy Frequency, how it works, why it works, how to find your soul frequency, and how you can shift your energy to lose weight, create healthy relationships, manifest money, and release fear.

During the five weeks, we had an incredible group chat going so everyone could share as things came up between sessions, and it proved to be an incredible part of the experience. I always say that you can’t time your breakthroughs, so it’s always good to be connected throughout a transformative process and you can be supported through the aha moments. The heart and soul in this group was inspiring and the shifts were big. We have decided to open up the experience to a new group of soul seekers who want to shift their energy and create more goodness in their lives. Enrollment is officially open and the program will begin April 27th. There are a limited number of spaces; we like to keep it a special and close sacred circle.

This episode is all about Healthy Relationships + Boundaries. This is so important when we are shifting our frequency. The way we relate to others and the things we allow into our lives have a huge impact on our energy and how we feel.

In this podcast episode:

—The keys to attracting a healthy love relationship
—Common beliefs and patterns in relationships
—Why having boundaries can feel so uncomfortable
—How our past is affecting our present and future
—How to better understand ourselves and heal

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As always, my hope for you is that you love big and live abundantly! xo



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