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From Anxiety To Love | Corinne Zupko

With me on this episode today is Corinne Zupko, and she is the author of the award-winning book From Anxiety to Love. Corinne used to feel paralyzed by anxiety, and she was diagnosed with multiple anxiety disorders and felt her life was passing her by. She could feel her dreams slipping away… So, she decided to read A Course in Miracles

These days, Corinne lives free from debilitating anxiety and is a keynote speaker, professor, counselor, and coach. She teaches mindfulness meditation classes at Bank of America.

So, what’s really holding you back from everything you ever wanted?



Hello, lovely—you’re welcome here. You can move from that anxiety into a cultivated space of love, acceptance, and forgiveness. Join me in this warm conversation with Corinne. We talk about healing from anxiety and how to become the person you were meant to be. Hit that play button!


What we discuss in this episode…

    • What does anxiety teach us?
    • Nature or nurture? Getting to the root of anxiety and fear…
    • What role can anxiety medication play in our healing journey?
    • A Course in Miracles—an underappreciated spiritual pathway
    • Duality and anxiety


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from anxiety to love


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