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What are you eating? How are you feeling? I have come to realize that these two questions have a correlation. Not because I conducted an actual study, although there are many; but because I have experienced this first hand, and so have the people in my private practice and even some family members. There is a link between food and mood and it makes sense if you really think about it.

What does your the need?

The foods we put in our bodies are not only fueling our physical body, but they are fueling our brain. We don’t often consider this fact. The brain needs very specific nutrients to function optimally; and when it goes years without getting those, we are bound to experience the effects of that.

When you drive your car and the gas light comes on you know that it is time to refuel, and you know exactly what kind of gas your car needs. This is a very simple process; but for the human body, it is not that simple. We don’t come with a gaslight and many times the body is not being fed the proper fuel.

The truth is that when people struggle with depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders, everything – including work, relationships, and self-care all become harder.  It is time to start educating ourselves on what the brain needs and find ways to work those nutrients into our diets.

My guest today is Autumn Smith, eating psychology coach, celebrity fitness trainer and co-founder of Paleovalley Organic Food Products. Inspired by her own path of healing IBS and anxiety, she became interested in holistic nutrition. Through self-guided research, she was able to heal by following the paleo diet. As a member of the fitness and dance industry for years, she realized that fitness was not enough and that nutrition plays a huge roll in healing. She became so passionate about quality food, that she, her husband, and brother-in-law founded Paleovalley. Paleovalley’s mission is to disseminate excellent nutritional information and organic food products to 100 million people worldwide.

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In this episode, Autumn shares about key nutrients that your brain needs to function optimally, how depression and anxiety are symptoms of something much deeper, how one specific food provides the brain with a healthy dose of nutrition, and she gives a few recommendations for supplements that support brain health.

If you want to give your body some nutrient love, try some of Paleovalley’s amazing bars, beef sticks and incredible supplements.

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As always, my hope for you is that you love big and live abundantly! xo



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