Flying High In Spirit | Carol Morgan and Roberta Grimes

Mikey Morgan, 20 years old, was tragically killed in a car accident while out with friends one night. Everyone else in the car left the scene with only minor injuries.

Mikey’s mom, Carol, grew up in a strict Catholic home. She didn’t believe in communicating with the dead until Mikey started to communicate to her through a pendulum. Eventually, he channeled a book through Carol. With the help of my other guest today, Roberta Grimes, Carol published that book for Mikey to comfort others through life and death experiences.

Roberta is an afterlife researcher and business attorney. She’s studied nearly 200 years of abundant and consistent communications from the dead, quantum mechanics, and the nature of consciousness. She’s written several books on spirituality and has appeared on hundreds of radio programs. Since 2013, she’s also hosted a radio show and podcast called Seek Reality on

When I met Roberta for the first time, I just felt such a connection with her. I wanted her on the show to discuss Flying High in Spirit, the story of an advanced being who came back to Earth for 20 short years to share a message.

Join Carol, Roberta, and me in this episode of the Soul Frequency Podcast as we talk about flying high in spirit, what’s really important in life, and finding comfort in death.

In this podcast episode:

—How Mikey wrote a book through his mother with the help of Roberta
—Who Mikey was, why he was here on this Earth, and why he is still communicating to us in death
—Spiritual signs, dreams, and other communication from the other side
—How we can live today to be prepared for the afterlife
—LOVE in capital letters

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