Finding Your Soul’s Agenda By Ani Anderson

Finding Your Soul’s Agenda | Ani Anderson

Do we really have a purpose here?  There are tons of courses on finding your purpose, but how do we really bring this purpose forth in life and actually live it? Let’s learn about finding your soul’s agenda.

Today, we are talking about the frustration of how to “be” instead of stuck in a “doing” state.  So, we need to be doing, but how do we create more being in our life? How you can get a roadmap to help you with how to blend both of these states together effectively?

Special Guest Ani Anderson

This week, I had sensation based mindset trainer, occupational therapist, and Author of Find Your Soul’s Agenda, Ani Anderson on the show.  Ani Anderson became a full time entrepreneur in 2005 so that she could have the flexibility to raise her family while working on her own terms. She and her husband Brian have run their multi-six figure business for over 6 years, while influencing the work and missions of multiple businesses that influence thousands of people.

Ani’s personal zone of genius is helping people identify in clear language why they are ALIVE and helping them create a thriving business, monetizing their gifts and actualizing their success.

“The first bit of the book is background information about natural laws, how your brain works, what the soul is and how the divine works through us, and what are some ways that we as humans sabotage ourselves.  Things like that so that when the person gets to the Soul Agenda process they can actually do it.  Once they have developed their Soul Agenda statement.  Then the last bits of the book are about ‘how’.  How to actually use that information that you have devised to have a decision making process in your life.“ – Ani Anderson


Ani shares how to connect with your purpose, why we need a roadmap, and how to then live your purpose daily!

Last episode, Dr. Debi Silber shared how to find the beauty in the crisis, how to heal the emotional and spiritual wounds, and how to find the willingess to heal!

If you haven’t had the chance to download the guided meditation that I have been talking about, grab it now!

To find out more about Ani Anderson and finding your soul’s agenda visit this website.

Ani Anderson on The Soul Frequency Show

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