Finding Significance Beyond Success | Traci Schubert Barrett

I imagine we have all been touched with the need to feel or be perceived as successful in our lives, whether that is financially, in our careers, in a sport, or in a hobby. We are in a success-driven society, so today’s episode of The Soul Frequency is all about asking ourselves, what is life like beyond this programming?

So who better to learn from than entrepreneur, podcast host, speaker, author, and executive coach Traci Schubert Barrett. Traci is one of the founding members of the National TV Network HGTV, and after 30 years of experience in corporate America, she began to wonder if there is more to our vocational lives than success. In a leap of faith, she quit her successful job and went on a soul-searching journey, and this is the foundation of her book ‘What If There Is More? Finding Significance Beyond Success.’

In this conversation, we talk all about Traci’s soul-searching journey, her decision to change, and how to step away from your ego, your security, and your imprinting to choose a life that doesn’t chase success. We then discuss what success looks like after making these choices, and the difference between success and significance before diving deep into Traci’s book and her writing process.

Thanks, lovelies! I’ll see you here next week.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:47) Introducing today’s episode, Finding Significance Beyond Success.
(02:41) The beginning of Traci’s soul-searching journey.
(07:07) Traci’s decision to change.
(13:38) Stepping away from ego, security and imprinting.
(21:07) The difference between success and significance.
(24:59) Traci’s book: What If There Is More? Finding Significance Beyond Success.
(30:42) Where you can find Traci.

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