Sessions: Fearing Money and Failure

Fearing Money and Failure – “My $1,000 question is around my block around money to step into my truth/change my career.  I have always had a belief that it is not safe to make a change let alone think about making a change in a direction that would be more fulfilling until I have loads or cash stacked up in my bank (just in case I fail). This had caused me to be in the same industry for 24 years now, and this career had paid pretty well because I have experience, but it is so boring to me at this point. I know this is not a good mindset as it certainly holds me back, but my question is: How do I mentally let go of the fear of failing so I can just jump into more fulfilling ventures?”

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Today we are talking about fearing money and failure:

—Getting to the root of the fear
—Changing your perspective on failure
—What are the costs?
—Visualizing possibilities

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